And some things just bring tears.

IĀ cried like a two-year-old when I first watched this. šŸ˜¦ šŸ™‚

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Some things are not funny – George Galloway.

I rarely dabble in politics on my blog, but for George Gallow I’ll make an exception.Ā However, before I continue let me just say that IĀ condemn the war in Iraq and Western meddling in Middle-Eastern affairs.

Some politicians can be a bad lot, butĀ this odious man is scraping the barrel. In my opinion, he is a worse racist than the hated Nick Griffin of the BNP. Galloway is mad, of that I’ve no doubt. He reminds me of Adolph Hitler, using the LCD of racism to further his own ego; as well asĀ using every vile trick in the book to takeĀ revenge for being kicked out of the Labour Party, which must have done enormous damage to his ego. His self-aggrandisement has no bounds; smoking his big cigar in a Churchillian way; sidling up to oneĀ of the world’s worst dicators in Saddam Hussain with the wordsĀ Ā “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability”. What was that for? Gassing the Kurds?Ā He boasts that he holds the highest award Pakistan can award him. No doubt a traitorous Medal of Honour.

The man is a traitor to Britain; to multicultualism; to anti-racism, and I hope that he’s one of the fatal casualties in the next instance of terrorisim that takesĀ place wherever.

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Some things are just funny.

GermanĀ Regionalliga Nord sideĀ Magdeburg are having a woeful campaign in one of the regional leagues that makes up the fourth division in Germany.

After 25 matches, they are rock bottom of 18 teams with 20 points and have scored just 16 goals, 11 less than Energie Cottbus II, who are second bottom.

Despite their woeful recent form, Magdeburg have failed to score in their last five games, they could still beat the dreaded drop as they are just two points off the relegation zone.

As a result, their fans decided to try something a little different, handing out arrows ahead of the match with BAK ā€™07 on Sunday to literally show the players where the goal is.

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I was brushing Thomas’s hair this morning. I burped and said ‘Pardon me’. Thomas waved his hands around as if he was shooing off a bee and said, ‘You’re toxtic waste, granddad.’ I clouted him on the head with the hairbrush and said, ‘You were sent on this earth to make me laugh, Thomas. Anyway, the word is toxic and not toxtic.’ He gave me a big grin and a hug. šŸ˜‰

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I’ve always loved dogs :)

This is the oldest photo I’ve got. That’s the 1st version of Jasper I’m holding in my hands. You can tell who ate all the pies, but because this pic was taken in 1943, probably all the tins of condensed milk on a noggin of bread. I don’t think the photographer was very good at putting kids at ease. šŸ™‚

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Double-Digit Boys.

The twins, Matthew and Scott were 10 years old yesterday. I now call them my ‘Double-Digit Boys’.

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New member of the family.

Harvey: my lass’s new dog… a 4 month old Springer Spaniel. He’s luvverly. Here he is last Saturday on a walk with his new family at Barlaston downs.

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